The boring stuff we have to tell you.

 A 20% deposit will be taken at time of booking with all of your details. We will email you 30 days prior to your stay and take the rest of the payment in full. A receipt will be emailed to you and a copy of the terms and conditions for you to except and return to us. In the event of further covid restrictions being put in place the 20% deposit would be refunded to you in full and we will be working solely on government guide lines at the time of booking. We have installed extra site health and safety including extra hand sanitizing stations. The person making the booking is responsible for the communication of  all relevant information to any other people with in the booking or visiting the property.


7 night bookings are made from Friday to Friday-4 night bookings are made from Monday to Friday and 3 night bookings are made from Friday to Monday. Accommodation will be available from 4pm on day of arrival, guests are asked to depart by 10am on last day of the booking to allow plenty of time for extra cleaning at this difficult time. 


We politely ask guests to be considerate of the hut, its grounds and the surrounding area. Guests and visitors agree to act responsibly and respect others around them, including causing minimal noise after 10.30 pm.

We pride ourselves on this wildlife area and ask that it is looked after responsibly. Unfortunately we are reluctant to allow dogs and pets to stay on the property because of the wildlife and animals on our farm. Well behaved pets may be welcome please talk to us and find out more. An additional cleaning charge will be added to the invoice for dogs etc


Please we aware of natural and surrounding hazards on our property. We strongly recommend that guests take out holiday insurance to cover, cancellation costs, loss of property and personal injury. The countryside is an amazing place to be, but it does also give us uneven and slippery surfaces, poisonous plants, machinery, animals and natural trip hazards, ruts to name a few.

This area is also a higher fire risk, especially during the summer months so we ask all guests to be safety aware around fire pits and any open cooking equipment.

So enjoy everything but take care.


In the event that we have to cancel a booking we would inform the person who made the booking at the earliest possible  convenience. A full refund of any money paid will be refunded to you within 14 days of the cancellation. We would not be liable  to reimburse any additional costs that may have been incurred resulting in the cancellation. This also includes if the cancellation was beyond our control, including flood, war, terrorism, riots and civil unrest, industrial action, natural disasters, vandalism, epidemics, pandemics and health risks or similar and advice adequate holiday insurance to cover any of these very rare events.


In the unfortunate event of anything unmaliciously being damaged during your stay we politely ask it be brought to our attention at the guests earliest convenience for us to replace or repair, we understand accidents do happen. An inventory is taken before and after every guest arrival and departure, which the guest can see a copy of on arrival on request. Any items missing will be charged to the guest on their departure.


In the event of guests wishing to cancel, the 20% deposit will NOT be refunded ,but if the difference in full has been paid prior to 30 days before arrival the difference would be refunded. No refunds would be given with in 30 days of arrival date. If we are able to offer an alternative date we would do our best to accommodate our guests although this cannot be guaranteed.


Your Name and address will be kept for 12 months by us as outlined, by law. This will be destroyed after this date. 

 No details will be passed to any third party . Although local authorities/police can ask to see names of guests that have stayed . You may opt out of any mailings at any time. No financial details will be stored by us after your stay. By making a  booking with us you agree to the terms and conditions outlined above.

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